R744 Refrigerant Gas

R744 is environmentally friendly, having zero ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and minimal GWP (Global Warming Potential). It also has excellent thermodynamic properties and low energy consumption which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications such as industrial heat extraction, refrigerated storage, transport vessels, commercial refrigeration and air conditioning for cars. One major difference between R744 and other refrigerants is its characteristic pressure / temperature: because of its high pressure and low critical temperature, refrigeration systems require special equipment projects. As for all refrigerants, the use of CO2 in refrigeration circuits has some advantageous aspects and other more critical.

high volumetric cooling capacity -> requires small-displacement compressors
good heat transmission properties
good thermodynamic efficiency at low and medium ambient temperatures
low GWP compared to the chemical nature of refrigerants
low cost
low compression ratio
no limitation of use worldwide
its production is not subject to any patent
It is not flammable
It is not toxic


High working pressures
Reduced thermodynamic efficiency at high ambient temperatures
It requires specific components and the refrigerant pipes
CO2 leaks in enclosed areas can be asphyxiating
Very low critical temperature

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Boiling point: -78,5°C

PH: 50-60 Barg

UN Number: 1013

ADR class: 2.2A

ADR upper number: 20

Safety group: A1/A1

  • Industrial refrigeration
  • Commercial refrigeration
  • Cooling transport
  • Air conditioning for cars
  • 8L cylinder (5 kg)
  • 12.7L cylinder (12 kg)
  • 40L cylinder (40 kg)