R422A – Refrigerant

R422A is a ternary zeotropic mixture of R125, R134a and R600a (composition 85/12/3) which replaces the R22 and the R502 in commercial refrigeration at low temperatures. In the operation of R22 retrofit it is necessary to replace the expansion device, while in the R502 retrofits should only set the old valve to achieve the desired overheating. The oil should not be changed. It is not advisable to use it in systems with flooded evaporators with liquid separator or centrifugal compressor. It can be topped up in case of leakage but the charge should be done always in liquid form. R422A is to have a greater cooling capacity up to 15% compared to R22 and has significantly lower discharge temperatures, which can lead to a longer life of the compressor. It has a critical temperature of 71.7 ° C and has a glide of about 3 ° K.

Sigle GWP Glide (K) Component  % 
R422A 3143 3 R125 (pentafluoroethane C2HF5) 85
R134a (1,1,1,2- tetrafluoroethane C2H2F4) 12
R600a (isobutane C4H10) 3


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Boiling point: -47°C

PH: 49 Barg

UN Number: 1078

ADR class: 2.2 A

ADR upper number: 20

Safety group: A1/L1

Used in applications with average temperatures, in the industrial and commercial refrigeration systems.
It can also be used with low temperatures.

  • Supermarket
  • Cold storage
  • Ice machine
  • Air conditioning

Mini line:

  • 1L cylinder (850 g)
  • 2.5L cylinder (2000 g)

Medi line:

  • 8L cylinder (5 kg)
  • 12.7L cylinder (10 kg)
  • 40L cylinder (40 kg)

Maxi line:

  • 800 kg drum