R410A Refrigerant Gas

R410A is an almost azeotropic HFC blend mainly used in medium and high temperature applications . It is a substitute for the R22 . It is composed of R32 and R125 , each at 50 % by weight . Its temperature creep ( glide ) is about 0.1 K. For this reason it can be handled as a pure fluid and can be loaded in both liquid and gaseous phase.

Sigle GWP Glide (K) Component  % 
R410A 2088 0,1 R32 (difluoromethane CH2F2) 50
R125 (pentafluoroethane C2HF5) 50


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Boiling point: -51,5°C

PH: 49 Barg

UN Number: 1078

ADR class: 2.2 A

ADR upper number: 20

Safety group: A1/A1

  • European Regulation 517 of 2014 ordered that from 2025 R410A is no longer used in air conditioning systems monosplit with loads of less than 3 kg . It will be replaced dall’R32 , which presents a much lower GWP.
  • Its high pressures , the high density and the good heat exchange capacity allow to use refrigeration components of small size , with the same cooling capacity. In particular plants to allow the use of R410A evaporators , compressors and more pipes small equal power output compared to R22.
  • As a result of the smaller size of the plant also the refrigerant charge is less , to surrender power parity.
  • From energetic point of view R410A offers better energy efficiency (COP) than R22.

Consisting of HFC, R410A requires the use of POE.

R410A refrigerant gas mini line:

  • 1L cylinder (800 g)
  • 2.5L cylinder (1900 g)

R410A refrigerant gas medi line:

  • 8L cylinder (5 kg)
  • 12.7L cylinder (10 kg)
  • 40L cylinder (35 kg)

R410A refrigerant gas maxi line:

  • 790 kg drum