Oxygen is the most common chemical element in the earth’s crust by representing approximately 47% of the mass (related to other elements). In the atmospheres, instead, is in a proportion of 21% in volume and 23% by mass.


Chemical formula: O2

Molecular weight: 32 g/mol

CAS Number: 7782-44-7


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The diatomic oxygen O2 in the liquid state and the solid, has blue and is highly paramagnetic. It’s odorless and it is oxidizing. It should be kept away from fatty and oily substances and sparks.

Color spinner tank: white, RAL 9010

UN number: 1072 (compressed); 1073 (liquid).

Valve: 2-UNI 11144/2005: W 21.7 x 1/14 ” Right – male.

  • In welding in oxyacetylene flame;
  • In therapeutic / hospital environment, as a drug OXYGEN FE – therapy and hyperbaric chambers;
  • In metallurgy for the production of steel;
  • As an oxidant and combustion processes and in many different fields of application;
  • In food industry as an additive E948;

Oxygen cylinders gas by:

  • 1 l – mini line
  • 5 liters (1.1 cubic meters)
  • 7 liters (1.5 cubic meters)
  • 14 l (3 mc)
  • 27 l (6 mc)
  • 40 liters (8.75 cubic meters)
  • Cylinders in bundles.

Oxygen cryogenic liquid:

  • Tank 31 liters (26.5 cubic meters)
  • Bulk (cryogenic tank mobile: 1500l- 5000l-10000l-20000l)

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