Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is a colorless, nonflammable, sweet taste of chemical formula N2O.

It has weak anesthetic properties and as it gives a sense of euphoria was called exhilarating gas.

The nitrous oxide decomposes easily in its components for heating (at high temperatures the decomposition can be explosive) and to the action of ultraviolet rays; shape with the combustible gases of detonating mixtures.


Chemical formula: N2O

Molecular weight: 44.01 g / mol

CAS Number: 10024-97-2


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The therapeutic nitrous oxide must have a title of 98%, be free of other nitrogen oxides, ammonia and chlorine.

Color spinner tank: blue, RAL 5010

UN number: 1070

Valve: 9-UNI 11144/2005: G 3/8 A right – male.


Nitrous oxide is used as an anesthetic, especially by dentists.

  • It has an action anesthetic of short duration, but has quick effect and does not harm the organism.
  • Surgery is used for short-term interventions and when the anesthetic is required little or no toxic effect on the organs and tissues.
  • For its thermodynamic properties it is also used as cooling fluid for special refrigeration equipment
  • Especially in the past has been used as oxidizing for rockets. Compared to other oxidizing nitrous oxide has the advantage of not being toxic, it can be easily stored and be stable under ordinary conditions.
  • A curious properties of N 2 0 is its ability to perfectly emulsify the cream up to give it a pasty consistency of whipped cream (propellant for aerosols).

Gas – cylinders by:

  • 10 l (7.5 Kg)
  • 40 l (30 Kg )

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