Carbon Dioxide

Carbon Dioxide is an essential substance in the vital processes of plants and animals. It is considered one of the main greenhouse gases in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is essential for life and for the photosynthesis of plants, but is also responsible for increasing the greenhouse effect.


Chemical formula: CO2

Molecular weight: 44,010 g/mol

CAS Number: 124-38-9


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Carbon dioxide is a colorless, odorless, non-flammable. However, in high concentrations it acts as an asphyxiant.

Color spinner tank: grey, RAL 7037

UN number: 1006;

Valve: 2-UNI 11144/2005: W 21.7 x 1/14 ” Right – male.

  • In the food industry as a natural antibacterial, to increase the shelf–life of products – E290; and solid as dry ice;
  • In the food industry for conservation solid dry ice;
  • In the medical field, for the reproduction of physiologic atmospheres for the operation of artificial organs with words CARBON DIOXIDE F.E.;
  • In the environmental area, for chromatography and extraction applications;
  • In laser gas mixtures; etc.
  • As for fire extinguishing (fire extinguishers);
  • Industry of cooling using the nomenclature ASHRAE R744;

Carbon dioxide gas – cylinders by:

  • 1 l – mini line
  • 4 kg
  • 10 kg
  • 20 kg
  • 30 kg
  • Cylinders in bundles.

Carbon dioxide cryogenic Liquid:

  • Bulk (cryogenic tank mobile)

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