The medical air is a mixture consisting of 19-23% oxygen and the rest nitrogen.


Chemical formula: N2/O2

Molecular weight: n.a.

CAS Number: 7727-37-9; 7782-44-7


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Gas mixture, a colorless, odorless.

Color spinner tank: white/black, RAL 9010/9005

UN number: 1070

Valve: 6-UNI 11144/2005: W 30 x 1/14 right – male


The medical air is used:

  • In mechanics: Operate automated tools such as screwdriver gun or to inflate the tires of vehicles or to clean, even for paint to spray;
  • In the food industry for conservation solid dry ice;
  • In the medical field, for the reproduction of physiologic atmospheres for the operation of artificial organs with words CARBON DIOXIDE F.E.;
  • in woodworking for tools such as nail gun;
  • in the laboratories of optics for the suspension of the anti-vibration tables and for the cleaning of the optical surfaces;
  • in machine tools for the actuation of valves and cylinders;
  • in construction: for jackhammers;
  • in the world of transport: road, truck bus, and rail for the implementation of the braking system and for countless other uses (automatic doors, toilet). In the case of brake systems, given the importance and the risks related to possible malfunctions of these systems are reviewed and tested periodically by law.
  • in diving, very popular thanks to the considerable increase in tourist activity related to the sport.
  • In aeronautics is used on board the aircraft for the operation of tools, see the gyroscope, and generation of pressurization / depressurization.
  • In the medical environment, the main field of application and the dentist where you are using to run the turbines of outpatient dental clinics and dental laboratories. It is used in addition in the field of suspensions as elastic element instead of springs or elastomers due to the considerable reduction of weight, the pressures used range from 5 to 15 bar and more.
  • In the naval sector, in some cases is used to start large diesel engines.

Gas – cylinders by:

  • 10 l
  • 40 l

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